kimberlites, Christian Zydeco band

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The Kimberlites T-Shirt

Kimberlite TShirt

This stylish T features a design on the front and back.

WARNING: Wearing this T-Shirt may result in being stopped on the street repeatedly and asked where you buy your fine attire. The Kimberlites are not responsible for this and any other inconvenience caused as a result of wearing this shirt

Sizes: S / M / L / XL

Price: $20 CDN

The Kimberlites Stickers

Kimberlite Stickers

Stick 'em on your accordian case, your laptop, the bumper of your VW van or anywhere else the law says is OK.
These aren’t your regular stickers! No sir, these are made of a secret, space age material resistant to water, sleet, snow and just about anything else you can throw at them

4" wide

Price: 2 for $5 CDN

The Kimberlites Ball Cap

kimberlites ball cap

Keep the sun out of your eyes, tame your wild hair or just look sharp in this stylish Kimberlites Ball Cap. Features embroidered Kimberlites logo and King's Head.

One size fits all

Price: $20 CDN

The Kimberpack

kimberlites ball cap

BUY ALL FOUR AND SAVE! Oh yes, when you buy a CD AND a shirt AND a ballcap AND two stickers, you will save money. See - we do care about you!

Price for all four items: $50 CDN

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