kimberlites, Christian Zydeco band

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Mark Hendriks

lead/bg vocals, accordian, harmonica, penny whistle, djembe

Mark handles the majority of the lead vocals for the group and his squeezebox riffs form the backbone of many of the bands songs. In between wild stretches of the accordian bellows, splashes of his blues harmonica and celtic penny whistle spice up the music.

Myron Nowoselski

drums, fire alarm bell, whistle, backseat driver

Myron's sticks keep the band clicking along rhythmically, moving effortlessly between Cajun backbeat to the driving 4/4 of classic rock tunes. The play is never offside despite Myron's fiery blows on his referee's whistle and "please call 911" fire alarm bell.

Lorne Reimer

backing vocals, bass

Lorne puts the bottom punch in the band's rhythms with his snappy bass lines on both fretted and fretless electric bass. No dull moments as Lorne's dancing bear routine and banter keeps the audience on the edge of their seats; trust me.

Kevin Phillips

backing vocals, mandolin, penny whistle, congas, rub board, spoons, and any other instrument within his reach

Kevin feels equally at home on the strings of his mandolin as he does slapping the skins of the conga. The sweet rhythm of his mandolin adds a warm depth to the Kimber sound while Kevinís adept use of spoons and washboard are the envy of the kitchen and laundry staff wherever the band plays.

Ivan Reyes

electric guitar, acoustic guitar

Ivan splits most of his time between sweet rhythm or soaring licks on the electric guitar and the warm rhythms of the acoustic guitar. Possessing an extremely funny dry wit, Ivan nonetheless brings a calm, cool and collected tone to the band.